Mission, Values, Goals

Mission Statement

SASN is a pro-choice organization dedicated to supporting people before, during and after abortion. SASN provides individually tailored support to overcome the barriers that a person may experience, understanding that the barriers are unique to each pregnant person. SASN provides these services free of charge to promote equitable access to abortion.

Values Statement

SASN believes in every persons right and ability to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.


As an inclusive and welcoming organization, SASN recognizes that each individuals experience will be shaped by their age, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity and presentation, physical ability, mental ability, and religion. SASN believes in the importance of of timely access to local, fact based information and resources.

Equitable Access

We recognize that barriers to abortion exist and can include financial, living arrangements, community support, stigma and lack of information. We seek to reduce the unique combination of barriers for each individual pregnant person.

Efficiency & Availability

SASN recognizes the importance of timely access to abortion and seeks to connect people with safe, legal and supportive local healthcare providers.


We recognize that abortion itself is not inherently traumatic or difficult; however the experience of obtaining an abortion can be. We seek to reduce the stigma associated with abortion through connecting people with care providers who are supportive and affirming.


SASN recognizes that bodily autonomy is an inalienable right. This includes the ability to make an informed choice regarding reproductive health.

Adaptability & Innovation

We recognize that the field of reproductive health is ever changing and we strive to remain current and flexible to the needs of the community we service.
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