Business Strategy

Do you have a business that you want to get involved in the Cryptocurrency space. This can range from setting your business up to properly receive payments in Bitcoin, setting up your own platform to invest in the markets, help develop your own token and cryptocurrency to fufill your business’s focus. Each business has different goals and we are happy to work around your specific needs.


Crypto Consulting

Do you want to get involved in with Cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start? We offer customized consulting to educate and guide you on all the various aspects of this exciting new industry. This customized approach is tailored specifically around your needs and background. We understand each client has different needs and technical proficiency, and we work to ensure your specific requirements are met regardless of technical proficiency. This can be on how to begin investing, setting up and securing a wallet, and how to most efficiently trade these markets.



Being involved in cryptocurrency in since 2013 Mr.Stoudemire’s life and focus has completely changed from being an early investor in Bitcoin. Through Mr.Stoudemire’s direct involvement we seek to harness this same experience to continue picking the right investments and most lucrative Blockchain opportunities. At Bitfuture we offer a platform to directly manage your assets through Blockchain and Cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Through extensive research methodology we allocate capital in the most promising Blockchain related investments. The team at Bitfuture has extensive experience investing in these volatile markets and are currently up over 835% YTD for 2017.